Cultivating talent


How we create the new era of law

For clients, for lawyers. There has to be a better way. Where we work smarter, as allies. Investing our time and skills in brilliant solutions, Reaching unreachable ideas with diverse minds. Freed from stagnant tradition, ego, or prejudice.

Let’s shed the blinkers of the past and envisage a future. A fresh, blank canvas, where we reinvent what it means to be a lawyer. Where, together, we fall back in love with law and the power it brings clients. Where we focus on outcomes and impact.

We imagine a world where our profession welcomes change; in our work, people leadership, and innovation

Imagine the heights we might attain, in a practice that promotes purpose, people and joy. Lawyers working as trusted protectors; flexibly, fairly. Righting wrongs. Pushing frontiers. Being the best, based on merit alone.

We’re lawyers. We like questions. And we like finding answers. It’s time for big questions. And mighty solutions. A movement. A shift. A new era of law. Where everybody wins.

How we cultivate talent

“88% of Top 100 UK firms are concerned that shortage of talent will stop them meeting their ambitions” (PWC Annual Law Firms’ Survey 2022). 


The law is a talent business that does not realise it is a talent business.  

The billable hour leads to valuing volume over quality of contribution.  It is also blind to lawyers’ quality of life: working from 9-10am has far fewer adverse consequences on one’s social life and health than working the 9-10pm slot.  

The emphasis on long hours makes parenting while lawyering a tense performance, and often there are few diverse role models around.  Lawyers wind up feeling dispirited and alone, and leave the sector altogether.  This exodus includes some of the most talented thinkers around.

Aavagard is here to change that.  

Science shows that case-winning ideas may come to us when we work flexibly, decompressing on the running trail, at a school play or whilst having a conversation with a client about gardening.  Tenacity, brilliance and persistence are key, of course.  No battle can be won without them, and there is no limit to how hard we fight for our clients.  Above all, though, we work smart.  

We treat our lawyers like elite athletes who must have their sleep and nutrition in balance, and who find joy in both their work and private relationships.  We put relationships and trust at the heart of all we do.  We’re present for them; we listen and guide.  We’ve got their back.  That balance creates the sharp edge with which we win for clients.  

If this speaks to you, please get in touch.

Oriane Cannac, Senior Associate:  “We value positivity, excellence and humour.  It is precisely because our lawyers are well-rounded, driven and contented individuals that we provide to our clients the best service on the legal market”.