San Pellegrino for your soul

My husband Jonathan and I get invited to lecture at the Mario Negri institute in Bergamo, Italy.  Jonathan from his vantage point as a surgeon and medical doctor with a PhD in molecular biology, and I as a lawyer with degrees in philosophy, politics, economics and law.  The lecture is on sustainable pricing of life-saving innovative treatments – a field we have researched together for over a decade since I lost two sisters to a rare disease, to help other families do better.

We are both looking forward to the lecture.  Our son Bear will be in Legoland celebrating his 10th birthday with his best friend, so Bamse (6 years) will join us in Bergamo.[1]  I envisage an engaged dialogue between Jonathan, me and an audience of scientists, with Bamse operating the slide deck.  We will finish with chilled white wine in the shade of the research institute garden as we watch its palm trees sway gently in the wind.

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