Our values


Our values enable us to deliver decisive wins.

Value 1

Relentless Positivity

A pragmatic can-do spirit runs through everything we do. No-one wants a dispute, so we make it the best possible experience for all involved. We focus on solutions, framing problems as challenges and finding a way for everyone to win. Our energising approach can even make it fun.

Value 2

Deep-held Integrity

We make the right choices, not just for ourselves but for the big picture. We take the moral high ground and do what’s right for our clients, our profession and society at large. This makes our clients feel safe.

Value 3

Worshipping Difference

Our practice is driven by the strength of diverse minds and skills. This is not tokenism. We gain from the richness of wide views and shared ideas. We work tirelessly for inclusion in our sector, leading by example, proving that difference delivers.

Value 4

Care for People

We respect our colleagues and our clients and care about their wellbeing. We understand disputes are emotional and practising law is challenging. We put relationships and trust at the heart of all we do. We’re present for them; we listen and guide. We’ve got their back.

Value 5

Action over Words

Talking isn’t enough; we’re here to achieve results and turn visions into reality. Fast. We believe in making things happen; in proactive solutions, in activating change: in our work, in our sector, in the world. That means embracing flexibility and agility; seizing opportunities, showing up with energy and momentum. Our evolution away from the billable hour is a concrete step in this process.

Value 6

Far-reaching Vision

Strategic and creative in everything we do, we always look ahead to see the big picture. We are aspirational for our clients, our colleagues and the sector. We ask big questions, invest in big ideas and play a significant part in shaping the future.