Our services



Client Services

  • Let’s be honest: no client loves a dispute.  The time and resources would be better invested elsewhere.
  • When litigations and arbitrations run their full course, the only guaranteed winners are lawyers who charge by the hour.
  • What makes us different?  We are a formidable, diverse, hand-picked team of elite lawyers.  A tenacious team unafraid to upturn out-dated norms, to break down the door of legal tradition to forge more positive approaches. 
  • We create the right conditions for better answers, bolder solutions, faster wins.
  • We lead through innovation, compassion and tenacity – not aggression, fear, ego.
  • We do not run your dispute on autopilot for years, at a huge cost.  We actively identify the strategic levers for a win for you. Our approach has a proven track record.
  • We promote fee structures aligned with your goals.


Arbitrator Services

  • Proactive and strong case management, to guide the dispute to a time- and cost-efficient resolution.
  • A tenacious approach that respects precedent but is unafraid to upturn out-dated norms.
  • This means reducing the cost and length of arbitrations without compromising our elite quality of the resolution.
  • We take the moral high ground and act with integrity, every time.
  • We worship powerfully different teams, and harness the power of diversity on arbitrator panels, and in counsel teams and when dealing with arbitral institutions.



  • Let’s bust a myth: mediation is not “soft”.
  • Research shows that predicting outcomes in litigation and arbitration is notoriously difficult. That creates risk.
  • Resolution through a settlement can release more financial gain, for example where the parties’ partnership is restored. 
  • Mediation can unlock a resolution at critical junctures in the dispute where ongoing proceedings cannot, and to do so without disrupting those proceedings.
  • We specialise in identifying the levers for a resolution through mediation and other settlement discussions.
  • We represent clients in mediations, as well as offer to act as mediator.